Wafti Yurub uga yimi Abwaan Abees.Allaa magane gaalkaan martiyay taa ima marinne, gabaygii abwaan abees bay ku jirtay


We have visited and met with Mr. Abdirahman Abees, a British citizen in Somaliland. He is currently on trail and expecting a decision shortly. He reassured us that he was being treated well and fairly, with access to his legal team.

Bill Etheridge MEP
Member of the European Parliament

Mr Paul Brothwood BA(Hons) DipFSM DipFA CeFA CeMAP PRINCE2 Practitioner
Accredited Parliamentary Aide .

Mr. Janusz Niedzwiecki. President of the European Council on Democracy and Human Rights.

Source: Amb Kaysar Maxamed Cabdilaahi Maxamed : Senior Advisor


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